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Utsunomiya -- two men broke into a pachinko parlor in the predawn hours of saturday, bound four employees and made off with nearly 10 million yen in cash.
Anime news network - canada japanese pachinko manufacturer ace denken has announced that they are creating a rose of versailles pachinko game. the game is targeted.
Mainichi shimbun - tokyo,japan three men wearing balaclavas raided a tokyo pachinko parlor saturday morning and made off with 1.6 million yen after threatening an employee with a knife.
Mainichi shimbun - tokyo,japan yonago, tottori -- a knife-wielding man has robbed a pachinko parlor of about 6 million yen in, local police said sunday. at around.
Mainichi shimbun - tokyo,japan yonago, tottori -- an old man has been arrested while playing pachinko inside a parlor he had robbed at knifepoint the previous day, police said monday.
japanese subsidiary consists of the development and distribution of instructional publications and materials designed to assist players in the pachinko industry.

toukon denshou inoki matsuri ~ antonio inoki to iu na no pachi-suro ki/antonio inoki jishin ga pachisuro ki ~ despite the fact that it's just a pachinko game? .
Mainichi shimbun - tokyo,japan a cosmetics company president headed the list of the nation's top 100 income taxpayers in 2003, ahead of pachinko parlor operators, moneylenders, and women's.
million in income tax. sato is followed by pachinko parlor operators, moneylenders and women's underwear internet gambling retailers. the latest list.

Sega corp., known for its popular game arcade products, announced a long-awaited marriage with sammy co., the largest maker of the pachinko machines in japan.
many top earners made their profits in such sectors as health, esthetics and pachinko parlors-businesses considered immune from economic fluctuations.
apparently, the satomi engineered takeover will be completed in october, and has been rumoured for some time since the pachinko machine manufacturer sammy.
during the quarter, ia global acquired a 60.5 percent interest in rex tokyo, a supplier and maintenance contactor of parts to the pachinko and slot machine.

sega, known for its popular game arcade products, late tuesday announced a long-awaited marriage with sammy, the largest maker of pachinko machines in japan. as pachinko-related businesses for sammy and amusement machine sales and amusement arcade operation business for sega (arcade exclusively???) continue to.


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