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Win the Jackpot in Slot Machines

Playing Slot Machines

Playing slots is like playing keno and the lotto. You shouldn't play it if you want a game you can win on a regular basis. If you want to earn a steady income from your gambling, it is video poker, blackjack or table poker that you should be playing. Slots cannot be relied upon for regular income since slot players lose most of the time. Slots have some of the worst odds in the casino, meaning it is nearly impossible to win more money than you lose. By the time you win, you will have lost a lot of money already.

Note however, we said NEARLY, but not QUITE, impossible to make money playing slots. It IS possible though the odds are often fantastical. You have a very, very small chance of hitting that big jackpot, but it CAN happen and it DOES happen. Check any slot machine news in gambling web sites and you will always see someone winning some humongous progressive jackpot in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

This possibility of catching a huge jackpot is slots' main selling point. If you are a play-it-safe type of person looking for sure money, slots aren't for you. But if you love adventure and chasing your dreams, slots have what you want. Slots are exciting and promising. Try these tips to play the best slots you can until you hit the jackpot. May your slot dreams come true!

Spare Yourself from the Hunt for Loose Slots.

It used to be that people knew where to find loose slots in the casinos: in elevated carousels, near change booths and so on. But casinos are more sophisticated now and the loose slot positions aren't so obvious now. Yet the good news is that you don't have to look around in those casinos at all. Where then can you find the loosest slots? Online! Online slots are as loose as they get. These casinos need less money to run their business so more is allotted to rewarding players.

Decide if you are going to play progressives or regular slots.

If slots are relatively tight, progressive slots are even more so. These slots have much larger jackpots than regular ones, but they are also tighter. In regular slots, the prizes are spread out more evenly among the low, middle and high payouts. But in progressives, the lower and middle payouts suffer since a big chunk of the total prize pool has to go to the progressive jackpot.

Play progressives if you want nothing less than a jackpot that would change your social status. Play regular slots if you are happy with smaller but more frequent payouts. Make sure you have ample coins to wager with if you play progressives since the maximum number of coins are necessary to qualify for the jackpot.

If you think a slot machine is tight, it probably is.

Individual slot machines are configured to pay at different percentage rates. Some are programmed to pay out more than others. Casinos love to advertise that they have high payback percentage like 95% and higher. That might be true, but not for ALL their slots. If you feel you're playing frugal slot machine, follow your instinct and leave that machine.

Slots aren't just for amateurs; it is also for big dreamers who would settle for no less than the top prize. If you are one of these players, check out our approved slot sites. We have verified these slot sites to have the best payback percentages, bonuses and payment systems.


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